Behind the Scenes with a Stylist

Wella event

A day in the life of a Clive and Company stylist…

Two weekends ago the colour department at Clive and Company was honored by being invited to the Wella Trend Vision Awards 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Clive, Abby and myself had the opportunity to take them up on their invitation, and have an amazing time in LA for the weekend.

11:00am Sunday morning:

Clive, Abby and myself woke up excited for what the day had in store. We dressed and left the W Hotel in Hollywood to venture west into Santa Monica.


The three of us wanted to relax by the scenic California coast and eat breakfast. We stumbled upon the Georgian Hotel for brunch and enjoyed a fantastic meal while socializing with locals and feeling the sea breeze. I would highly  recommend the location for a peaceful view and pleasant atmosphere.


The day continued with wandering through the promenade, dipping in and out of shops and catching the local talent performing in the streets. Abby and I were in search of accessories to coordinate with our perfectly planned dresses for the evening. Clive patiently waited outside each store as we hunted for just the right thing.


Barneys, All Saints and Burberry were on the afternoon list of must-see shops. A lot of discussion surrounded tonight’s events-what might be expected, what might be shown.


After a fun and relaxing day we were ready and looking stylish for the show. The Palladium was just a short walk down the street, and the atmosphere was thick with anticipation.


The music was pumping through the halls and the auditorium’s energy was full of excitement, as fashion and artistic style took the runway.


The competition took place on stage. Selected salons and stylists represented each North American country. The Emcee would announce the salon, the stylist and the model, and then the model would walk the runway to music and flashing lights. The competing salons had been given an inspiration prior to the competition and required to interpret it in their own unique way. All of the models looked amazing with breath-taking colour and architecturally perfected haircuts.

Wella event


Between each round of models, a runway show took place sponsored by name brands such as Nioxin and Essentials London. We enjoyed mingling with their fellow stylists, making new friends and seeing old ones. Never had Abby and I seen so many hairdressers in one place! Food grazing stations were set around the room to encourage mingling.


The competition concluded with the awards ceremony, each participating country receiving a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner. A stylist in the United States Student competition competed for the gold while representing our very own Ogle School in North Dallas. We were impressed with many of the winners and were excited to come home with new inspiration.

Wella awards


The evening moved into full swing party mode by this time with a portrait artist doing live paintings to music while he danced, awing the crowd. We stayed at the party for a while, enjoying the atmosphere, food and drinks! Having had a full day and a fun evening, we left with gift bags of Wella products and a lot of great memories.

Clive and Company would like to thank the Wella Corporation for having us and we look forward to possibilities in the future! To our clients, feel free to ask us about our adventure and what we took away from the fun event!


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